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    We are each given just one life to live. How will you choose to live yours? It's more than a challenge for this generation, it is a life and death choice. We believe strongly in this generation, and we take our job seriously to help guide them through the most critical stages of their lives.

    Our XP3 Strategy is focused on partnering closely with parents and the family. We pay very close attention to the needs of the not only the teen, but others in the home.  As students stretch and grow in their independence, we seek to teach them by our example what it is to have faithful dependence upon God and the discovery of their prupose in life and their destinies.

    XP3- Students (Grade 6-12)  Wednesday Nights 6:30 PM & Sunday Mornings
    Following Jesus is an adventure—a life-long journey infused with the passion that comes from encountering God in a deep way. But teaching middle school and high school students is tough. How do I get them to care? Do I even care?


     Every Wednesday night we open the door for students 6th grade-12th to come into THE SHED

    THE SHED is more than just a name for our Student Center where students grade 6 through College and Career gather to hang out, make new friends, play video games, pool, ping pong, foosball and pinball, plus much more.


    THE SHED is centered on Ephesians 4:22-24 (NLT)  throw off (SHED) your old sinful nature and your former way of life, which is corrupted by lust and deception.  Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes. Put on your new nature, created to be like God—truly righteous and holy.

    Each Wednesday night is a high energy night geared toward a high impact on the lives of students and challenge for them to make a high impact upon the world around them!

    Here's what a typical Wednesday looks like:

    • 5:30   Doors open for hang time
    • 6:30   Giveaways & Student of the Week Honors
    • 6:40   A high energy game or group challenge
    • 7:00   JOURNEY GROUPS- small gorups by school grade
    • 7:30   Worship, A Bible-Centered Message and Challenge and Team Building Exercises
    • 8:00   Closing Prayer and Challenge from a Student

    Then on Sunday mornings we take students into Student Life where they are challenged to ENDEAVOR in their faith

     Student Life Groups meet on alternate Sunday mornings depending on which Journey Group they are in. They are dismissed from the Sunday Celebration in the Worship Center around 10:15 am. Sunday Celebration begins at 9:30 am each Sunday.

    XP3 stands for eXPerience 3. The “3” are wonder, discovery and passion—the three things every student should experience in life. Three things that even adults need. Wonder stirs our souls; it’s the feeling we get when we stand before the ocean. Wonder propels us into discovery. It’s the why behind the “Wow!” We internalize and process how this affects us, how it relates to us. Passion is the more—we discover and learn and know and we can’t get enough. Passion drives us and affects how we relate to others.

    We want students confronted with the awe of God. We want  them discovering how God unfolds throughout all of life: their identities, their relationships, their calling, their jobs, their education, their romances. Now think about that same student passionate about God and others. He is real and He is all they want, yet they realize that it's not just about God and them. He wants us to love and care for others the same way He loves and cares for us.

     Where We're Going
    So what do wonder, discovery and passion look like in our everyday lives? Here's a glimpse of how they can be defined in our lives.

    WONDER: I am created to pursue and authentic relationship with my Creator.

    •  Recognize. There's more to life than what we can see with our eyes.
    • ·Pursue. God initiated a relationship with us, and the Christian faith is learning how to pursue this relationship through spiritual disciplines.
    • ·Follow. We're invited not just to believe in Jesus, but to follow Him through faith.

     DISCOVERY: I belong to Jesus Christ and define who I am by what He says.


    • Made. I have been uniquely made to contribute to God's world.
    • ·Accepted. We are the loved sons and daughters of the perfect Father.
    • ·Transformed. I am continually being changed by my growing relationship with God.

     PASSION: I exist every day to demonstrate God's love to a broken world.

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